Performing arts international residency in Italy | Kulturscio'k

Artistic fields
Dance, Performance, Film, Video, Curating, Interdisciplinary
Rooms for two-three people with private bathrooms in the room and a shared kitchen
Studio / spaces
Kulturfactory is the new spot for contemporary artists. In Domicella ( Naples ) Active since 2018 thanks to outstanding artists from all over the world this place became an important reference for artists dedicated to contemporary experimental live and video works. The residency length is normally between 8 and 10 days maximum, with a few exceptions. Kulturscio’k is a not-for-profit company dedicated to producing, discovering, supporting international contemporary artists working in art, music, film, literature, architecture, theater, fashion and other creative disciplines and fostering opportunities for multi-disciplinary dialogue. Innovation and development of new forms. The element of collaboration and exchange is one of the founding principals of the company and factory-residency a new way to host artists , with the hope that by bringing together different areas of practice, we will generate new creative outlooks, unparalleled research and exciting new impulses. The goal of the residency is to create a dialogue a new way to form and perform. To choose work that have as an objective to experiment and to explore unknown paths. To meet new collaborations. The artist residency co-exists with the guest accommodation. The resident artists become part of the community life. The small village of Domicella.
Naples, Italy
10 days
Participation fee
120 EUR
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