Need Menswear Designers for Editorial!


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    LeoMax  ♦  22 Nov 21:49

    Hi Aurelia sorry didnt check the comments, the shoot already passed but I have your stuff down in my database now, thank you for responding!

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    Aurelia Paumelle  ♦  20 Nov 19:05

    Hello Leo, i could be the one you are looking for. My website is now in updating time, but you can see my collection ( Men street wear) on my FB pro page and also in my studio in Neukölln.
    Would be a pleasure to show you my work and if you need pieces for sunday it can be possible to borrow you some.
    All the best,

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    Dariuz  ♦  20 Nov 14:14

    heyy i know someone ho is interested!

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