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Hello world! My name is Alexey and I play violin since I remember myself. Many times I was asked to record violin for sing song writers, video projects, films and commercials. From an occasional gigs it become to be a part of my music activity. So I based a little home studio, which focusing on recording violin and strings. Also writing an arrangement for one or more violins is possible, as well as recording different styles and genres.

While it's a work mostly for the other artists I do my best to keep comfortable prices and care each project as it was my own music.

Here you can check some examples:

Violin Solo with orchestra. The movie "Tsili" by Amos Gitai

String's culmination. The Band - BIINDS.

String's staccato chords and layers. Reality by Christy Clyde.

Different recordings for my own projects.


Violin and Oud. Flying bird by Mounir Bashir.

Live in Ruhm4u with Hubrist.

Hope you like what you've seen! If so, and you want to record strings for your music, here is the contact. Also don't hesitate to ask a questions!