2024 artspace bremerhaven

Mar. 15, 2024


  • ...is a diverse journey of discovery through a creative world and artistic moments of all froms of art presented in empty spaces, shops, pubs, studios, galleries, stairwells, apartments and on the street.

  • ...shows artists, creatives and visitors from all over the world that Bremerhaven and Die Alte Bürger offer endless possibilities to realize oneself and to make a difference.

  • ...was launched in 2018 by the initiator, Robert Worden, and has proven to be a successful example of how art and culture can help improve the image of the city.

  • ...is more international than ever in 2023. This year's artists were selected from over 340 applications. They will come from India, Chile, Japan, Iran and Mexico, among others.

The interdisciplinary artspace Bremerhaven opens the doors in the “Alte Bürger” for art and culture of all disciplines. artspace Bremerhaven turns streets, workshops, galleries, halls, studios, apartments, commercial spaces and vacant lots into a stage, a screen and a resonance space for art.

We invite regional, national and international artists to perform in unusual places, show us their ideas, their art and their enthusiasm. The artists are called upon to conquer new art spaces. The concept is very simple. Shortly beforehand you will be assigned a current vacancy, which you can use then with your art.

Your challenge: Make the room your special art space!

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2024 Artspace Bremerhaven

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