UNITED NATIONS DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition

Artistic fields
Digital, Photography, Interdisciplinary
Artists from all over the world and of any ages are welcome to apply (focus on youth). Artists under 18 years of age at the time of submission must have a legal age representative...
Cash Prize
3000 EUR in cash prizes
Exhibition in Glasgow in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26)
Glasgow, GB
15 % of the net revenues or gross proceeds from the auction (NFT sales)
The DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition, organized by IAAI GloCha in collaboration with the UN-Habitat youth programme, Unique Network, Social Alpha Foundation, Exquisite Workers, HubZine and Palette69 wants to inspire and promote climate action through the power of culture and technology and empower the uptake of digital innovation by the creative community in an accessible and meaningful way. HUMANITY CHALLENGED BY CLIMATE CHANGE We welcome you to submit a creation that embodies your personal interpretation of the ’humanity challenged by climate change’ theme and to reimagine the impact creators can have on the world and on healing of our Mother Earth. In terms of visual storytelling we are envisioning 3 sub-themes: Storm, Haven and Angel. These are just a few ideas and should in no way limit the artist into how the theme can be represented. NFT PLATFORM The DigitalArt4Climate’s features include – based on its use of the Unique Network NFT platform - full proof-of-stake (PoS) infrastructure with Polkadot and Kusama (a sustainable blockchain and approach to NFTs), decentralized media storage, credit-card & crypto payments, automatic collaborator splits and payments on primary and secondary markets, customizable royalties, and the ability to create positive impact and undertake the climate change action. The selected Artworks which enter the public voting of the Art Competition and the COP26 collection will automatically enter the auction in summer 2022 on the NFT marketplace and will receive a share of 15 % of the net revenues or gross proceeds from the auction (NFT sales) on the primary market if there are any. DigitalArt4Climate will promote the winning Artists’ names. Any remaining proceeds will benefit youth climate action projects as well as global technical and institutional Action for Climate Empowerment support infrastructure development, including World Environment Situation Room Youth engagement programme. Creative direction may be provided to the Artist for final release on the website and the DigitalArt4Climate public voting. Artists whose artwork will be shortlisted for the Art Competition by the curators, but who do not make it into the initial DigitalArt4Climate COP26 collection, will nevertheless have the opportunity to have prime-access to the DigitalArt4Climate NFT marketplace platform during its first months live (summer 2022).
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