public art project: sundial sculpture

Jun. 24, 2024
Artistic fields:

The City of Arlington is seeking an artist to develop a site-specific artwork for the Stormwater Wetland Park on an existing circular foundation. The artwork shall include a sundial. The sundial will show the approximate time of day by the shadow of an object and include markers indicating hours. The artwork should invoke curiosity and should be self-explanatory to most individuals. The sundial needs to incorporate the existing round historic foundation that is at the park. The artwork should enhance the public’s experience at the park.

Artists are encouraged to research sundials around the globe, the history, the scientific aspects, and artistic features.

Scope of Work:

Selected artist will develop and create a site-specific artwork. The artwork should have a strong ongoing physical presence within the designated site. It must be suitable for diverse audiences and be able to withstand weather conditions of all types. The artwork should be long-lasting and vandal resistant.


The artist will design, fabricate and install the artwork on a mutually agreed timeline with the City. Desired deadline for completion is by December 31, 2024.

Selection committee:

City of Arlington staff will review the proposals with the Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission. The City reserves the right not to select any artist at all and reserves the right to change the process or schedule upon public notice.

Required Documents
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Public Art Project: Sundial Sculpture

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