OPEN CALL for the sound works // Future Nostalga FM

Artistic fields
Sound Art, Writing
Both groups and individuals can apply.
Broadcast on Future Nostalgia FM
Future Nostalgia FM is a digital, experimental, imaginary radio, combining speculative storytelling, poems, sounds, and audios that overlap eras - from the distant past to the possible future. Its nostalgic but futuristic content has a narrative that wavers between imagination, aspirations, and human interactions while offering alternative versions and perspectives of reality. The radio team invites you to speculate on the topic of temporal contexts, the future, and the idea of future nostalgia through sound, and become a part of the Futurology Kiosks project that will start in March 2022. Your work will travel around Germany with the kiosk, and will also be available 24/7 on the Future Nostalgia FM online platform. Our radio will be playing till 3022 until the topic disintegrates and swallows itself up.
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