On Clothing: The Visible Self

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Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city
Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme. Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. March 2022 - The cultural codes within which we define ourselves through our image, generate the language used for the realization of inter-individual exchanges that may be defined as "relations in public" (Goffman E.). Every human being develops an attitude towards self-representation, this self-representation concerns itself with different fields and languages, such as the way one dresses. Extension of the self, expression of our "modus vivendi", the dress is a cultural product that concerns our identity, linked to historical, cultural and personal continuity, through which it is possible to affirm one's individuality, and communicate and inform others on ourselves. This call is an invitation for photographers who tackle such a subject in its various fields of interest: from sociology to fashion; from the anthropology of costumes to that of psychological introspection.
Rome, Italy
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