town center art around avon

Mar. 26, 2023

Overview: The Town Center location is the crowned jewel of the Art Around Avon program. This location is of high significance and priority, an expansive space, centered location on Avon’s main thoroughfare, and has mountain vistas as a backdrop, will demand a prominent work with the ability to be seen by pedestrians from across Avon Road. The proposed work for this location must be a minimum of 12’ tall and a maximum of 20’ tall, be of substantial girth/circumference and fit on a concrete circular pedestal measuring 13’ in diameter.

The selected artist for the Town Center location will be engaged by the Town and paid a $2,000 stipend. The selected artist’s work will be on exhibition in an outdoor location for up to twenty-four (24) months during which time the artist may make the work available for sale. The Town shall produce and distribute materials regarding the work for marketing purposes, including photographs of the work for publicity or study. The Town shall retain 20% of the gross sale price of the selected artist work on exhibition in the Town through the Art Around Avon program. If an artist’s work is sold during the exhibition period, the work shall be removed after the decommission date. The Town Center location is part of the overall Art Around Avon program which includes up to twenty-six (26) total visual art pieces for installation in pre-determined outdoor spaces in early June 2023.

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Town Center Art Around Avon

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