brush creek cultural heritage trail

Dec. 15, 2023

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The Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department is excited to announce a call for an experienced artist or an artist team to design and implement thematically related exterior, site-responsive sculptures or installations of original design for Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Trail. The artwork should actively engage visitors and enhance the natural beauty of the park.

This commission is open to U.S.-based professional artists who have a proven track record of creating and installing site-responsive, durable, and sustainable public art. Preference will be given to artists with experience working with community engagement, permitting processes and who have a body of work that demonstrates their ability to create site-responsive, durable and sustainable work.

The in-grade art should be designed to withstand the elements and be made of durable materials that require minimal maintenance to be incorporated into the pavement surface. The theme of the artwork shall be in line with the natural beauty and history of Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Trail.

A cultural heritage trail is a path or route linking significant items of an area’s heritage or history. The trail may include markers or signs explaining the cultural significance of the area, such as people, events, historic landmarks, or monuments. Cultural heritage trails can also include guided tours led by experts to provide more in-depth information and context about the cultural heritage of an area. They are also used to promote and preserve cultural heritage sites, and they are popular in many tourist destinations around the world.

The Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Trail is envisioned to be a series of interconnected nodes that tell the story of the American Civil Rights Movement and the Black experience in Kansas City. The completed project and programming are intended to draw visitors to the Cultural Heritage Corridor in Kansas City, Missouri from the metropolitan area, other states, and other countries for inspiration, reflection, and education. Artwork is a key component to convey this important historical record. Interpretive materials at the nodes will be designed and installed to facilitate the development of educational programming.

Kansas City, Missouri is proud to showcase the rich history of its Black community. As you travel through this corridor, the stories of the people, the events and the culture that built a strong African American community, you will learn the stories of those people who invested physically, emotionally, economically, politically, and socially in Kansas City.

Naming and Branding

It is envisioned that the name of the trail will be Celebration Cultural Trail: Exploring the History of Black Kansas City

Mission Statement

Celebration Cultural Trail exists to illuminate African American stories of Black Kansas City through education, contemplation, and reconciliation.

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Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Trail

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