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Mar. 9, 2024
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La Vienísima announces the FOURTH FEMINIST PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST PERSPEKTIV_A on the occasion of International Women's Day, an initiative that arises with the aim of giving visibility to women artists and photographers, promoting the achievement of a more just and egalitarian society, promoting feminist movements and stimulating the creativity of participating women

Why only Women?

  • Because although at the international level we find a high number of active professional female photographers and it is a group with high education, training and specialization, there is an evident imbalance in visibility, as well as in access to the mechanisms of distribution, legitimation and commercialization of the artwork compared to male artists.

Why "Women and Affective-Sexual and Identity Diversity (I.BTO )"?

  • The invisibility of LBTO+ women is a phenomenon that manifests itself in the LGBTIQ+ community and society in general. It is a form of discrimination that makes invisible the identities and experiences of lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex women. The visibility of LBTO+ women is essential to recognize their fight for equality and non-discrimination. When LBTO+ women are visible, it breaks stereotypes and raises awareness about the inequalities they face. This can help change attitudes and policies and create a fairer world for all people. There are many ways to give visibility to LBTO+ women. One way is to tell their stories. The stories of CBTO+ women can help, raise awareness and educate other people about their affective-sexual and identity ex experiences. At la Vienísima we understand that photography is a powerful tool make the stories of LBTO+ women visible A magnificent tool to help break gender stereotypes, give a voice to women in the community, show the richness of diversity, recognize the complexity of the experiences of LBTO+ women and challenge dominant narratives.

La Vienisima convenes the contest will reward the photographs that best make visible the reality of women in different socio-cultural environments. All kinds of creative approaches and all kinds of points of view will be especially valued. For this year 2024, the theme of the contest will be WOMEN AND AFFECTIVE-SEXUAL AND IDENTITY DIVERSITY (LBTQ+) and it will seek to show images in which the protagonism falls on this subject, of any kind, in any state, anywhere, but always snowing this reality or realities.

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Feminist Photography Contest PERSPEKTIV_A

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