call for visegrad group composers for ‘renewable music'

Jun. 14, 2023
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Polish Composers’ Union (Poland) in partnership with Berg Orchestra (Czechia), Waves Bratislava (Slovakia), and UMZE Association (Hungary) invite composers from the Visegrad Group countries to collaborate on the ‘Renewable Music - V4 Composers for sustainability’ project in the framework of the Creative Europe programme for 2023-2025.

The main objective of the project is to revive international cooperation after the COVID-19 pandemic and to raise awareness of the growing climate and energy crisis by developing environmentally friendly practices in the music sector. Four new pieces of music inspired by the idea of ‘renewability’ will be commissioned from selected composers representing the Visegrad Group countries. The commissioned pieces will be performed at four different concerts (in Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest), each by a local ensemble, whose members will be joined by musicians from partner countries as part of the international artist exchange programme. The concerts will take place in locations that will be adapted to the unique conditions of open-air concert sites, reflecting each location’s bond with the surrounding environment. The concerts will be accompanied by workshops, masterclasses, open rehearsals and lectures. The project will be summed up by an international conference devoted to the ideas of ecology and sustainable development in music.

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Call for Visegrad Group Composers for ‘Renewable Music'

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