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May. 27, 2024

The Supporting Act Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, founded and funded by WeTransfer.

Our mission is simple yet powerful—to help emerging artists and grassroots arts organizations fulfill their potential, leaving no person or community behind.

To this end, our grants and bursaries focus on artists and groups from marginalized communities who are seeking social, intersectional, and environmental justice. By creating opportunities and offering assistance to those underrecognized in the arts, we aspire to challenge its many barriers, shape a creative ecosystem open to everyone, and support meaningful change in the arts and society.

The Impact Grant is a program created by The Supporting Act Foundation to support underfunded grassroots arts organizations that have a community-driven approach in topics that relate to the use of arts for social change, and are working with emerging artists from underrecognized or marginalized groups. This grant program is built on extensive research into the challenges that emerging artists are facing in Europe, and into alternative philanthropic approaches. We learned that reducing financial uncertainty for artist-led organizations is key in achieving long-term and systemic change in the arts. It is also a way of creating conditions for a political, cultural, and economic power shift, helping build stronger communities and achieve positive impacts across the creative ecosystem.


The Creative Bursary is a grant program created by The Supporting Act Foundation to help emerging artists at early stages of their careers who come from underrecognized and/or marginalized groups, and are in need of financial support. This year we are focusing on undergraduate students in the final year of their studies who are looking to develop their practice towards arts for social change, and are building solidarity networks for others. This grant program is built on extensive research into the challenges facing emerging artists in Europe, and aims to address the areas on which the foundation is focused: reducing precarity, fighting discrimination, and addressing vulnerability. Our priority is to support people who are underrecognized in the creative and cultural sectors, and who have fewer opportunities to fulfill their creative potential.


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Open Call for grants

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