house on fire: collabonation 2024

Mar. 7, 2024

2024 Artist applications for the 2nd edition of CollaboNation, Africa’s premier collaboration portal, are now open!

Founded in 2022, CollaboNation connects and unites the continent through the creation of unique cross-border and cross-genre songs. By linking countries and cultures through innovative one-of-a-kind artist collaborations, CollaboNation is designed to support artists, capacitate the regional music sector through training and mentorship, and inspire dynamic new African content creation.

Now in its second edition, CollaboNation links African countries and cultures to each other while providing a gateway to the rest of the world through innovative and exciting artist collaborations. Through this series of unique music collaborations that weave together Africa’s rich and diverse musical genres, CollaboNation inspires a creative narrative of inclusivity and social cohesion.


  • To connect and unite the African continent and the world through unique music collaborations
  • To promote and support the cultural legacies of traditional African music within a modern music context
  • To support South-South connections and promote intra-African arts mobility
  • To mentor, upskill, and train creative industry support service and technical providers
  • To further create global opportunities for African artists to reach international audiences
  • To drive the growth of the African music sector

CollaboNation is unique in that it facilitates physical meetings and shared studio time for the selected artists to create new, conscious, songs. The songs are debuted in a live performance at one of Africa’s biggest multi-cultural festivals: MTN Bushfire in Eswatini, which will be held from from 31 May – 2 June 2024. The live performances are filmed for music videos to support the international release of the tracks. The creative process is documented throughout and showcased on social media.

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House On Fire: CollaboNation 2024

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