Make Shift gGmbH
Make Shift gGmbH
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Berlin is currently the site for a burgeoning discourse on new architecture, urbanism, and civic agendas. The discourse is being defined not only by architects and urban planners, but by a broad-based creative scene, by numerous civic platforms, political round tables, and workshops. However, not since 2002 has Berlin welcomed a unifying international debate on urban issues. The time is ripe for a festival on architecture and urbanism fuelled by both local exchange platforms and international partners, and there is increasing demand for the unifying of the numerous urban initiatives in the city. Make City is a festival that draws its inspiration from the city’s current state of development and its openness to new forms and methodologies. The festival will embed itself throughout Berlin with numerous different formats – from salon talks, fieldwork and workshops to screenings, conferences, competitions and exhibitions – at different scales with partners throughout the city. Cultural centres and national embassies with their own exhibition spaces, the architecture and design scene - galleries and showrooms-, schools and universities will all be involved in a continuous 4 week city-wide conversation; one that is carefully curated and maintains its dynamism throughout. The international scene in architecture and urbanism would dock on to the local platforms and embellish and strengthen these.
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