Julia Mari Bernaus
Julia Mari Bernaus
Artist ·
Hi there, I am the founder of Artconnect. I am originally from Barcelona, although I have lived already for a while in Germany. I studied Fine Arts in Valencia and in Braunschweig and it helped me realize how hard it was to be an artist and how I did not want to be one! Somehow I found myself working in tech and communication and I have to confess, I enjoy my job and my team :) I love anything related to creativity and I believe that creativity is simply thinking out of the box, wether it comes in art shape or anything else, and that's why it is all welcome in this platform. I started Artconnect because I realized about the missing central point for information and networking in the different sectors of the creative scene and because I thought that there was a lot of undiscovered talent out there that I wanted to discover.
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