Yasmin Bawa
Yasmin Bawa
Artist ·
Yasmin Bawa is a designer of objects, furniture and spaces. Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space she works sculpturally to explore form, material, texture and colour. She seeks to challenge our perception of everyday materials and how we interact with objects. Her current work is an exploration into hemp-crete, a term for the basic mixture of hemp shiv, clay and lime binder. Together they tell a story of strength, renewability and versatility; fusing traditions of primitive and historical technologies to contemporary ideas for sustainability. Industrial hemp is unmatched as a means of sequestering carbon dioxide and binding it permanently to the materials it is manufactured into. Already a growing industry for building ecological homes, Yasmin is at the forefront of scaling these manufacturing methods down to be used on a smaller scale for interiors sculptural objects. She is working to develop new ways of working with natural building materials and how we can use this in our everyday environment.
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