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Since 1841 the Verein Berliner Künstler offers for more than 175 years an open space for com- munication in a variety of artistic practice. Besides the presentation of contemporary art in all artistic fields, our association dedicates its- elf to international artist exchange and critical discourse about art and society in its own show rooms. The self-government of the VBK opens a sphere of influence where artists find new perspectives by taking an active part in the organization of their own projects. Our association is the oldest in Europe that worked continuously. The ex- tensive archive houses collections of members since the 19th Century. The documental part of the archive, auto- Graphs and photo material is supervised by the Academy of Arts Berlin. In the gallery Verein Berliner Künstler at Schö- neberger Ufer 57 in Berlin-Mitte, we promote various projects and exhibitions with internati- onal colleagues. Our house is located in the center of Berlin between Kulturforum, the Neue Nationalga- lerie and the young gallery district Potsdamer Straße. The excellent exhibition space provide a good opportunity to our members as well as to invi- ted artists who present their works. The possibi- lity of creating eight to ten exhibitions per year gives us op- potunity for various exhibition concepts and open artistic curatorial practice.
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