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Zoë Atiko

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Hi there ,
I’m a British Artist who works predominantly as a Milliner aka A Hat Maker !
I sew and also make Prints/Collage and sometimes do a bit of dressmaking . Looking for a space that is ok with a sewing machine ,hat steamer , fabric and some small sculpture that I use for making Hat Forms .
Needed is Light and Ventilation.
I am a Calm Worker and a considerate tidy studio-mate who also teaches workshops to small groups at venues from time to time.
I’ve lived in Berlin for 2+ years , speak a bit of German (always improving) and work as a kindergarten teacher Monday to Friday 9-15hr.
Looking for a space to use from 4pm weekdays and sometimes at weekends .
Love collaborating and learning new Creative Skills , Open minded and focused Person with a lot of projects to get on with . Can you Help?!
Thank You 😊