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yui onodera

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Yui Onodera is a composer, sound artist, and architectural acoustics designer based in Tokyo, Japan. After studying music and architecture, he founded the Critical Path. In terms of environmental functions and spacial relationships of sound, he employs materials from various sources ranging from field recordings, electronics, and voices, to various musical instruments, for process-based, restrained electro-acoustic pieces.

He has created collaboration works with The Beautiful Schizophonic (Crónica), Celer (spekk), Pjusk (12k) and Stephen Vitiello (12k), as well as producing and contributing to domestic and international compilations and remix works. He has given live performances in venues such as NTT InterCommunication Center, Iwate Museum of Art, and Kawagoe City Museum, and has supported Brandt Brauer Frick (!K7), Cristian Vogel (Mille Plateaux), Machinefabriek (12k), Yves De Mey (Line), and Twigs & Yarn (flau) for their Japanese tours.

He has performed with artists such as Ametsub, aus, Carl Stone, Christophe Charles (Mille Plateaux), Toshimaru Nakamura (Erstwhile), Ken Ikeda (Touch), ILLUHA (12k), minamo (room40), FourColor (12k), sawako (12k), Chihei Hatakeyama (krankyy), PORTRAL a.k.a. INNER SCIENCE, and Gonno. In 2013, he participated in Störung Festival, a festival of electronic music and visual arts, performing with Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel), Mika Vainio (raster-noton) and Francisco López (sub rosa).