Yaroslav Ternovskyi


I combine incompatible opposites on the canvas, turning everyday life into a meaningful work! I think that even the simplest things are full of beautiful and unique! A piece of art can be under our feet, it can be made from the most unexpected pieces. How? I answer this question. What it is? Why? This question is answered by the viewer.

Studied under:
V. Levchenko
V. Movchan
A. Kulagin
S. Varga

Art activity:
• Author of the series of conceptual paintings "Being" (2019-2020).
• Participant in the TV project "This time next year" on STB (2019).
• Explorer of "...- isms" in the visual art with PJSC "NSTU" (2018).
• Curator of the national Art Project “Reviviscence” (2016), Ukrainian House, Kyiv
• Curator of the charity auction in support of orphaned children (2015), International Center for Culture and Arts, Kyiv
• The author of the “Outsight view” project, explorer of the outsight painting - the creation of painting without the artist's visual contact with the artwork. It’s a kinesthetic-imaginary method.
• Explorer of the collective subconscious through painting (the artwork is created by strangers, passers-by mostly unconsciously following their own feelings. The artist makes only small adjustments, moderates it).
• Author of a series of interactive talks “Man and woman throughout the art of modernism. Relationship”