A Manchester based creative studio, WONDERHAUS offer bespoke designs for your body and space.

Creative Director Julia Roy-Williams has a multi disciplinary approach, utilising digital design, creative laser cutting and contemporary craft skills in her practice.

She has worked as a creative practitioner in Manchester for over 10 years, creating participatory events and workshops, and running creative studio and retail spaces.

Her art jewellery brand is sold in shops and galleries worldwide. WONDERHAUS jewellery is made to be worn boldly and courageously, as a statement of the wearer’s personality, independent, curious, well travelled and confident.

WONDERHAUS studio is part of Salford Makers, a collective of artists, designers and makers. They work individually and collaboratively on a variety of commissions, design projects, product development and social enterprise.

To read more about the workshops, projects and commissions we deliver, please have a look at

Salford Makers website.