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Are you are a creative writing in the English language in Berlin? I offer English writing services to optimize your communication as a writer and editor with extensive experience and a passion for publishing in the creative industries and artistic subjects.
With over 20 years of industry and academic experience supporting practitioners in the arts as it is often that these fields require astute use of English for the means of conveying your message, if it be in publicity, web, grants, reports, essays, catalogs, magazines.. Your texts will determine the perception of your projects therefore effective writing relating to your specialization is a critical factor in the presentation of your initiatives and values.
This is where representation depends on artful use of English, grammar and ultimate choice of words.
As we all know in translation perspectives and concepts that we express often get distorted. We have all cringed at how an incongruous google translated text can so often detract or affect the credibility of otherwise exceptional artworks, music , sites, biographies, film blurbs, CVs or SU statement-of-intent.
We often think how English has become the intermediate language in a cross-cultural European creative ecology a flexible intermediate language. Let's use it well and ensure that you maintain a confluent word-flow to your presentation which is vital to your public image and communication methods.