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We're a team, a collective, an ensemble of individuals who are driven by a passion for work and life. It's not about balance, it's about pursuing what's most important to us, right here, right now, in the moment. A creative dream, a new business, helping others, slowly chipping away at being better than we were yesterday. We Work We Live.

Desk Rental Berlin: A lot of us work alone or in a small team and it’s just a bit funner to all hang out in the same space, exchange ideas and get shit done!

We Work We Live Retreats: For a few months a year we like to step out of the Berlin office and set up a desk somewhere else in the world. Somewhere sunny, where we can surf, do yoga and live cheap. We build prototypes, test new business models, and get pumped to tackle new projects.

Digital Detox: The Pope says the Internet is a gift from God. We agree. But we also agree that it’s grounding to unplug and get back to nature, eat some great food and hang out with friends IRL. We can’t get so lost in making a living that we forget to live life.