Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale

Worldwide and Studio Biennale, the original self-organising initiative.
The first edition of WASBiennale gathered more than 70 projects around the globe.

WASBiennale approaches the politics of place and presentation in the arts. The broad idea of the WASBiennale is to create an opportunity of transforming boundaries and build a trajectory of dialogue by inviting viewers to take a step into the intimate artist's zone. Also coming from a belief that creating an exhibition in the spaces we reside in could be a sufficient way. We aim to continue building a global platform for independent collaboration, encouraging artists to try alternative exhibition solutions and researching the artistic transformations of private spaces.

Letting anyone in the artist’s studio, as well as welcoming someone in your private space is a gesture of high confidence. Showing art in such format, involving the audience in direct interaction, helping to reduce a gap and provide a new scale of artist/viewer professionals around the globe by offering a substantial platform for independent exhibitions.
Directed by the customs of traditional art biennials, it’s conducted as the first Biennale without explicit borders. And through the concept of the WASBiennale building parallels with the most recent evolutions in contemporary art, where the approach of white-cube-based art space is decreasing; and where artists and curators are compelled to find alternative exhibition solutions.

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