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80 percent of our art is darkness. We always start out with a “black page” or dark three-dimensional space. then we release light onto it, creating an image. The characteristics of light make up the content and form of our art, and an installation’s production is a creative process that determines its form and design. So we make light installations. They can entertain the public, but for us they are always serious challenges in the field of art.

We have fun in other ways: We draw, write music, shoot video, create small architectural forms and invent slogans. We enjoy doing this for ourselves and for our friends. We sometimes go in for sports, namely artsport.

And then there is something besides art and entertainment: our professional activities in the field of scenography. Here we give free rein to our feelings and skills in order to perform specific tasks. We approach these as a team to come up with simple, elegant and effective solutions. This is an area that allows us to experiment, although the nature of the business doesn’t allow for failure. It is a job that will never become a chore. We are a team that has rallied behind the idea of collaborative creativity and the realization of our plans. We do not assign roles since everyone on the team is chock-full of initiative. We are so intrinsically motivated that we never ask ourselves why we need all this.