Elvira Akzigitova

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Elvira Akzigitova (1988, born Estonia, Tallinn) is a self-taught experimenter who spends long hours in the dark with a red light, trying to capture the trace of light and its tactile essentials.
According to the artist, she works on the edge of photography and painting, just where these two practices meet and blend. Alternative, and at times, antique processes, abstract - inward looking images - Elvira decisively replaces the humanist documentary with a display of photographs presented as themes or events in themselves.
Influenced by the visionary, yet debatable“Psychic Researches Behind the Iron Curtain”, Elvira's work refers to the suggestive imaginary science. The idea she shares with practitioners of that period is that Man is more than a Machine, thus photography can be more than a mechanical process, but an optical creation. Her practice respects the notion that the time spent crafting a photographic image versus taking it gives the artist space for thought. The intricacy of the process is what brings the best gifts of photography on the table.
Since 2011 the artist works and lives in Berlin, occasionally traveling to share her discoveries in workshop form.