Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


I'm working in the Art Industry as an artist and independent art curator. My fundament is the idea that art should be related to politics. My current researches interests are the possibilities to imagine social alternatives, the gamification of reality, the human self-domestication hypothesis, and the politics of visual culture and art. I use sources from different fields as building blocks to create new meanings, and experiences.
My aim is to create complex works on the art-society relationship in present days, easy to understand under the right approach. I'm working on the relationship between art and the society because in my vision artists play an important role in society. In that sense, artists should create works related to the present. It means works that are in the present world and on our communities. It means works not necessarily related to the biography of the artist but a greater vision of humanity.
In my vision, artists are free to work on every topic. Artists don't need necessarily to work on topics related to their countries. Artists don't need necessarily to work on topics related to their direct experience. Artists need to work on topics related to an artistic point of view on our world. The artistic point of view is necessary for society to maintain critical thinking.