Verónica Peña

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VERONICA PEÑA is an interdisciplinary artist and curator from Spain based in the US. Her work explores absence, separation, and the search for harmony through Performance Art. Peña is interested in migration policies, cross-cultural dialogue, peaceful resistance, and women’s empowerment. Recent works include participatory performances amongst strangers. Peña has performed around Europe, Asia, and America. In the US: PIONEER WORKS (*2020), BAAD (2019), SMACK MELLON (2018), TRISKELION ARTS (2017), QUEENS MUSEUM (2016), HEMISPHERIC INSTITUTE (ENCUENTRO 2016), SAIC (VISITING ARTIST 2016), Purdue University (2016), Grace Space, Defibrillator Art Gallery, Pøst Art Gallery, TIMES SQUARE ALLIANCE, ARMORY SHOW, DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL, and Consulate of Spain in New York, amongst others. In Europe: MUSEO LA NEOMUDEJAR (Madrid 2019), FUNDACION BILBAOARTE (2018), FRICHE LA BELLE DE MAI (Marseille 2018), FESTIVAL INTRAMURS (Valencia 2018), La Tabacalera (Madrid 2018), Casa de America (Madrid), Fundacion Antonio Saura (Cuenca), Museo Orus (Zaragoza), amongst others. She is a FRANKLIN FURNACE FUND 2018 recipient, and was nominated to a VIA Art Fund. She was selected for the CREATIVE CAPITAL NYC TALLER 2019-20. She curates "COLLECTIVE BECOMING", to make cities less hostile. She founded PERFORMANCE ART OPEN CALL, a FB group of 7,000 members. She published “The Presence Of The Absent”. She is currently at work on her new project about freedom, fear, and resistance, “The Substance of Unity”.