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Valentin Hoff

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As long as I can remember I always loved drawing, illustrating and writing Graffiti which led me to study Digital Media at the Hochschule Ulm in 2006. After an internship at VSF in Hamburg I moved to Berlin in 2010 and gained experience during a 5 years period of doing Web Design in the position of an Art Director at the Digital unit of Media Consulta for institutions, NGO´s, brands and mobile communications. I´m now working as a freelance designer, focusing on print-design such as flyer, posters, skateboards & music artwork, but also covering the fields of branding and visual identity and everything web-design related, such as infografics, responsive websites, apps or web-banners. Clients I worked for so far are the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Award-winning Start-Up Nagual Sounds, Jägermeister or established record labels such as Dispatch Records, CIA, Deepkut, Radd Dope Kings or Trust in Music.

I have a deep passion for music and am a dedicated DJ and vinyl collector since 21 years, putting on events and play music whenever an opportunity pops up. You can find some mixes of me at