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VAIKRA art lab

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VAIKRA is an art lab consisting of three people. VAIKRA creates visual and sound installation pieces - "Actums". An actum represents a single visual soundscape and includes elements of light painting performance, music and stage design. An actum engages to create an audible and visual associative live atmosphere. An audio-visual series of events created directly during unique live performances. While taking into consideration the classical parallels already developed between music and the arts, VAIKRA seeks fresh forms of exhibition for artistic ideas. By contributing to the existing modular of abstractionism and figurativism, VAIKRA is paving the path for the development of new ways of expression in painting, light and sound presentation. VAIKRA has many points of contact with Rayonism and neo-futurism, while remaining in line with classical philosophical concepts. VAIKRA is a group of independent artists. We are receives no funding from any of the official or state organizations. Our projects do not carry any political connotations; it is art in its original sense. Music and pictorial art in VAIKRA is deeply associative, and visualisation exists within the audio series. Music, art and philosophy always remain inseparable when presented by VAIKRA.