Untergeschoss der pandora art gallery

Untergeschoss Der Pandora - “PRESENT ART” Laboratory based in Kreuzberg infecting the system worldwide.
We avoid white walls to tell you stories, a labyrinth that takes you deep into Berlin´s underground art scene.
The curatorial process of Pandora is based on collective intelligence, we apply this theory as form of experiment to achieve results that will lead you to what at present time is consider the artistic outstanding expressions of Berlin based artists.
Pandora´s vision is to use art as massive weapon of awareness and to make a social inclusion through art. Pandora does not stay at home, she also takes art to unconventional spaces “guerrilla art” ?! ... She undertakes the public spaces willing to share knowledge and making sick street dance sessions!!
What the artists built here is the oasis for the painter who while chatting with the sculptor in the gallery Bar, can create a movie with a filmmaker they just met.
wInside Untergeschoss Der Pandora, while having a Beer, Cafe, Spliff or some bubbles, you can come up with the next great “ism” , or you can enjoy a mind filling story from some of the great artists and minds who come often and are now Pandora´s lovers.
Welcome to reality, we fight with/for art/us. Pandora experiments with art, technology and science to share knowledge and truth to all mankind!
Untergeschoss der Pandora - Globale experimente aus Berlin -We Stay Underground!