Studio Uncoated

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Studio Uncoated is an experience design studio with an extensive network of artists and creatives, together they collaborate on developing unique content and brand activations. The founder of Studio Uncoated, Josephine de Fijter, will be the Curator of this first open call.

De Fijter believes art is a gateway to learn more about the world, or oneself. As the Founder of Uncoated she provides a platform for talented artists to present their work. De Fijter likes to show art outside of the art world, partnering with music venues or hotels to showcase art to a wider audience.

She launched Studio Uncoated where she designs concepts enabling companies to intertwine their brand communication with the visual narratives of
artists. Designing experiences that drive consumer action by bringing brands to life and shaping long-term emotional connections. In spatial design, specifically, she believes art installations can play a role, building “the different layers of a more human

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