Kate Hollett

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Artist Statement - “How does the technological evolution and current global challenges affect our emotional and sensory connection to each other and… our space in time?”

“Are we being de-socialized or re-socialized?” “What are the effects of this?”
“Can meaning and connection be deconstructed and reconstructed using new media?”

Everything from neuroscience to pop culture to politics and everything in between informs my process. I utilize research and media that best informs my creative inquiry. My work involves creating with connection and disconnection utilizing multi media, including paint, video, video installation, and collaborative, cross-discipline work in the sciences.

Bio -
Kate Hollett is an interdisciplinary artist, splitting time between Toronto and Berlin and exhibiting and working internationally. She works in paint, video, video installation, social art, and social media art focusing on emotions and media, how we define and communicate love.

Patrons include Bill Clinton and installation artist Christo. Her video work showed at the L.A. Short Film Festival and won “Best in Show”, Detroit International Art Video Festival at MONA (Museum Of New Art).

Publications include “Habitat And Habitus; Kinaesthetics And Synesthesia”, “Uber Love” and “Love, Media, Art & Science: The Fiction Of Relationships”.
Kate has lectured at the AGO, OCAD, Queen’s University, UK, Frei Universität, Humboldt University in Berlin and Leuphana University.