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Turcan Alexei


First I studied accordion for 8 years, then I learned guitar, I performed and composed 13 years for TRAVKA - alternative band from Romania.
In the meantime I started producing electronic music of my own on softwares like Reason, Sonar and Cubase. Then Ableton, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. I've worked in a professional recording studio - UNDA Recording - for the last 5 years in Bucharest, producing, recording, mixing and mastering all kinds of music. Analog gear, tube microphones, preamps and all the legendary outboard processing (and plug-ins) - it's all there.
I've been invited to perform/compose in some other live projects from Romania: multi instrumentalist, backtracks, live sampling/looping, FX.
In the last 4-5 years I've composed several scores for movies and theatre plays.
Tomma Alistar is my "solo" project. It encompasses electronic - lots of gear - techno? - performance. Sometimes accompanied by violin, EWI (electronic wind instrument), bass-clarinet, cello.
I moved to Berlin recently. I am open to new challenges and I am constantly driven by curiosity, as long as music hums in my head.