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The Walking Tour Library

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In September 2019, The Walking Tour Library will be the hub for a series of urban walking tours, newly conceptualized by contemporary international artists who will guide visitors through the city in an unusual and creative way. The project space* will be the organizational center of the project: here, the participating artists and their newly conceptualized paths through Berlin will be introduced in a group exhibition, and an archive of past tours and materials on the history of the urban walking tour as an artistic medium will be installed. The thematic focus of the tours that have been selected for this project is on the question of constructing cultural identity in urban space and the role of city tours for memory politics: Which perspectives on the city are usually being passed on in walking tours? Which stories are relevant, and how and by whom are they being told? And which alternative narratives are circulating or should be heard? Which particular standpoints, perspectives and views are opened up by artists?

  • For The Walking Tour Library we are currently still looking for a space to use for an exhibition and information hub in the direct vicinity of CLB gallery - a pop-up gallery and project space, so to say - for a flexible time frame of four to five weeks in/around September of this year.