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B_Tour is a nomadic curatorial platform dedicated to guided tours as an artistic strategy in contemporary performance, sound and visual art. It was established in Berlin in 2013 and since 2019 Yael Sherill shares the artistic direction with Lianne Mol.

B_Tour focuses on transdisciplinary public art, which is strongly based on artistic research and experiments with immersivity. We are interested in curatorial and artistic strategies for mediating embodied and situated knowledge, and experimental approaches to enlisting the audience as a vital interpreter of the artwork. ​Our current curatorial research revolves around artistic as well as technological strategies of augmenting reality (differentiated from AR, MR and XR technologies).

B_Tour has been presenting festivals and individual projects by (approximately 100) artists and artist groups in various cities. Today we are mainly interested in collaborative processes with artists, in which we develop the contexts, methodology and dramaturgy of the mediation of public artworks together.