Teona Kokhodze

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I am an interdisciplinary Georgian artist living in Berlin. Since the early years, I started to develop strong interests in art creation and performance.

After winning the Argentinian “Bienal Internacional de Arte Infantil y Juvenil” in 2001, I decided to continue painting, which was the right path. I have had numerous exhibitions not only in Europe but also in the USA. From 2014-2015, I participated in the international artist residency “Pilotenkueche,” based at the Spinnerei Galerie in Leipzig.

I work primarily through the medium of mixed media painting while also experimenting with sculpture and installation artwork. In 2015, I was accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In 2018, after discovering Emil Ruder, Massimo Vignelli, Wolfgang Weingart, I decided to challenge myself and started studying visual communication in the College of Design Berlin.

My works are very eclectic; therefore, I can not identify myself with one particular style, but they all share the same principle;
Translating my ideas means a creative and structured thinking process, working on different platforms, both analog and digital.