Ezequiel & Geraldina with their extensive professional career were summoned by Mr. Gerardo Sofovich to perform “Corrientes equina glamour" with Carlos Perciavale, Cecilia Milone, Jesica Cirio, Gustavo Moro, and Martin Russo. Making the season on the famous theater street La Calle Corrientes, Buenos Aires. They started with Mr. Luis Bravo "Forever Tango", touring the United States, Europe, and Mexico and acquiring a unique style and way to perform on stage. They are still touring with Luis Bravo and Forever Tango Company. While they will living in Milano co-produce "Milano a Teatro" Odeon Milano; Trasnoche Tangueril with Jose Colangelo, Ariel Ardit, Daniel Falasca, and Marcela Rios. "Final Show" Piazza Duomo Milano with Roberto Bolle & Nicoletta Manni, Today Installed in Amsterdam they opened their studio and continue on tour visiting Festivals, Dance schools, Tango salon, and Theater performances. Creators and directors from the Lovely Tango Weekend since 2016. Learn more in Tangomatter.com