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Talissa Mehringer (TM)

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Artist Statement:
My work springs from a desire to create timeless representations of dreams and the subconscious. I attempt to bring to life mind-and-soul processed experiences by indirectly referencing a cycle of rebirth and alchemical rejuvenation through depictions of decay and the beauty of altruistic suffering. I work in a variety of mediums from film/video to street art, drawing and photography.

I’m half Mexican, was born in Munich, and lived in the U.S.A for 15 years. Both of my parents were social anthropologists when I was growing up and I was lucky to travel extensively with them as a child. At age six, I accompanied them to Brazil where they were doing field work with the indigenous Canela of the Amazon Basin. My mom, my sister and I were initiated into the tribe through ritual ceremony and given Canela names and a Canela family. The name given to me was ‘Jaupro’ and means ‘Daughter of the Sun’.

When I was seven, my family moved to Tanzania for three and a half years to work for a German agroforestry project with the Maasai tribe. We were once invited to a special ceremony lasting several days which few outsiders had the honor of witnessing.

Many such moments had a huge impact on my young impressionable mind. It was during those early years that I know an insatiable fire for exploration and adventure was lit, + may well have been the beginning of my creative journey.