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Talia Benabu

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In my work I search for a distilled sense of space; creating compositions which exist on the border between order and disorder, between sense and a lack of sense. Movement and rhythm have become main themes I am occupied with in my work: how can I render the simultaneity which is an essential quality of space and of life? How can an image be packed with energy similar to that existing in the observed world?
I attempt to answer these questions using a wide range of media such as printmaking, oil paint, photography, film and performance done in corporation with new music musicians. When using any media I see the process as a collage; an assembly which has many options of being composed, the question being what is the most specific arraignment of events I can arrive at.
Working directly from nature or using it as reference, I am always amazed to discover and unfold the many layers of reality. I find trial and error to be essential to the process; a work of art is a building of questions the answer to which will be sudden and surprising.