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Synth-meet-Films The art of Jam

We are an experimental and participative space for remixing films,
with live electronic music.

Our objective is to re/view the history of cinema under the realtime
perspective, each week we pick one or more films, could be
experimental films, or classical films or undergrounds films, from
around the world, to assemble a live cinema session, that proposes a
collaborative construction of meaning through images and sound.

Each session has a special guest that start the jam, with a VJ,
everyone is welcome to join if you are an electronic music producer,
and you want to connect and jam with others, share your skills or just
have a good time, you can come every Wednesday from 21 -01 with your
gear, and join us, if you are a film lover, you can propose a film for
the live cinema session, or be part of this amazing experience talking
thinking and sharing with us.

Save the date! every Wednesday from 20h-24 in Filmkunstbar.