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Sylvianne Rivest-Beausejour

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Sylvianne Rivest-Beauséjour completed her acting training at the Option-Théâtre du Collège Lionel-Groulx, Montréal (Canada) in 2008. She made her professional debut in 2014 in Europe, where she participated in the production of Solitude(s), a co-production Quebec/Belgium played in Brussels, Mons and Flobecq, in Belgium. Her acting career began with the female lead role in Michel Tremblay's theatre play, THÉRÈSE ET PIERRETTE À L'ÉCOLE DES SAINTS-ANGES directed by Serge Denoncourt. Many other theatre plays quickly followed such as MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN, LA FÊTE À JEAN and LARAMIE PROJECT. She plays in the second movie of Olivier Godin NOUVELLES NOUVELLES, CHÉRI(E) of Daniel Karolewicz and PRÉLUDE of Emanuel St-Pierre. Sylvianne gives her voice to many projects in Montreal some movies such as LA BÊTE NOIRE or some interactives performances as ROUGE MÉKONG at Société des Arts Technologiques. Sylvianne is a productive young woman, she has more than one talent, she also a theatre author (CHALOUPE, PILULLE BLEUE, NO.72), a young screenwriter and a poet (ÉPIDERME, QUADRILATÈRE), she had her own theatre company in Montreal, Théâtre Agitato (2008-2014) and she working like documentarist on her own on a documentary theatre project since June 2014. Sylvianne's working soften as script advisor with Daniel Karolewicz, Emanuel St-Pierre, Catherine De Léan, Ariane Casteillanos, etc.