Stephanie Ballantine photography & performance art


As An Interdisciplinary artist:
working with photography, performance, video and design. Her field of interest includes areas such as: techno-capitalism, commoditised sexuality, political identity, and agency. In her work she embodies the roles of ‘The Alchemist’, ‘The Mystic’, ‘The Hysteric’ and ‘The Researcher’ playing with expressions of queer identity, surveillance as 'the Gaze', absurd, bondage, pop and trash, magical actionism, and psych-scapes.

As a photographer:

I was drawn into photography as a way of expressing in that single moment. After rejecting my theatre and acting practise I was committed to throughout my childhood, I studied Politics and Philosophy for my BA. Half way through, I realised that the conception of ideas that I was developing in the course could not be expressed through the structure of it. I Finished the degree but went straight to Art School in order to construct a new way for myself to depict lines of thinking.

The amalgamation of these passions which, I had in fact; approached from a student’s point of view, configured through photography as a search for connection and intimacy. I followed a path of looking as a way to face the look of the other. I am always trying to realise the authenticity of their presence despite the ease at which they could become object, figures of a study, or a fictional character.

My work now is always a way to converse; to ask for an authentic expression, and to wait for a reply.