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Stefan Bakmand Andersen


Born 1988, I am a visual artist from Aarhus, Denmark.
I love to draw and i love to walk.

In my artistic practice i deal with a collective unconschious and reality as a mythical and magical thought-space.
More precisely i investigate a history of psychoactive substance use for altered states and heightened awareness, and the way it is presented in popculture, memes, literature and antropology through time. It is an artistic antropology about the psychedelic counterculture, with its implications into museeology, virtual reality and animist performativity. I research the evolution of conschiousness and its relation to spirituality, mysticism and the occult.
I gather material from video and film, image databases and books, and I juxtapose them in drawings, collages and videomontage, and present them in altered museumdisplays, lecture performances and publications. To imagine a new form of museum, that will activate and perform our history and put it into perspective, where myths and storytelling once again will be part of our lives.
History is thus here seen as a non-linear space-time continuum where images from the past and future collides in the present moment.
I see my project as being in continuation of the Mnemosyne Atlas by Aby Warburg, and artists like Laure Provost, Thomas Hirschorn, Henri Michaux and Joseph Beuys are among key influential ones.