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Claudia Mannigel

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Claudia Mannigel is a curator and artist-researcher with a background in Contemporary Art and New Media (Université Paris 8 / Concordia University / Université du Québec à Montréal ) and professional experience contributing with research, conceptualization, development and production of curatorial projects at Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin), project space 1646 (The Hague) and art space CDEx (École des arts visuels et médiatiques, Montréal) as well as educational projects at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montréal).

She engages critically with social territories and their transformation. Exploring local socio-economic systems and their boundaries, projects create space for questioning from within. Through inquisitive and sensually-oriented investigations of everyday life and urban public spaces, her projects activate close bonds with her local surroundings. Her current research explores the cultural perception constructions of the senses, art as experience and embodiment practices.

In her curatorial work she questions any hierarchy of the senses and in particular the western world's dominance. By shifting the focus from a mono-sensory, visual approach of curating and experiencing art to one that encompasses touch, hearing, smell and taste she opens a new field, experimenting with multi-modal perception of and within exhibitions and public programs.