Sophie Raimondo Schmid


I’m Sophie a 19 years old self-taught Mexican artist who has always been an art lover, however in the last two years I have intensified my study and creation of art due to my growing interest and passion.
I believe that some ideas and feelings cannot be expressed in words, instead they are expressed with images, compositions, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Marc Chagall once said,” art is above all a state of the soul".This portfolio presents my work done throughout the last six months. During the process of my works I’ve learned about contents related to reflection and doubt of the human being, social injustices, feelings that question the normalizations existing in our society. I have also been able to acquire the following skills: digital art, painting, video art and performance. The most difficult part of these processes have been the conceptualization and formalization of floating ideas arising in my crazy human mind within the social and personal contexts. I'm looking to enhance my passion for art and life; art is an aspect of change in society and I am a human being full of madness, madness to feel, to express and to create. A few days ago I graduated from the German School Alexander von Humboldt located in Mexico City. Currently, I’m involved in projects such as murals, reflection cartoons, stencil and painting.