Sinwah Lai

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Written for the COVID project, Things Happen In My House:
There are the minute moments and events that are happening all around us, and through which subtle, tiny bridges are built, creating connections between the natural environment, human beings and the community. While people are advised to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, our world has suddenly shrunk to the size of our homes. However, a house can be regarded as a miniature of our entire world, a safe place that protects us from an outbreak and where most of our daily routines take place: eating, reading, showering or sleeping. Aside from these repetitive actions, who or what constitutes the ‘otherness’, both living and non-living, which we knowingly or unknowingly share our homes with? While gathering materials such as food, organic waste and seeds, the artist gives shape and meaning to events that occur in her home life. The materials themselves are the main protagonists, revealing stories that enable us to catch a glimpse of an intimate world where humans and non-human beings live together.

NL, July 2020