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Simone Trotta

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Simone Trotta was born in Frosinone ( Italy ) in 1989. He first studied at ITIS ( electronic techincal Institute ) and earned his license as an Electrician. After this venture, he chose to dedicate his life completely to the arts and started to study at Accademia di Belle Arti ( Arts Academy ) in Frosinone. After three years of Media Arts study, Simone left to Berlin in 2011 with the purpose of finding other artists to work with and to try to find his way in the world of Cinema. He has collaborated on many projects including video spots, music videos, video projections and little experiments. He ends his exams and the thesis on Cinema and Surrealism by making the short movie in Berlin ´´Der stark eingeamauerte Schatten ´´.
Currently he is still in Berlin having a work stage with Luca Lucchesi and taking part in video project for the berliner band Infamis by the label Wenders Music GmbH.