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Signs of Dexterity Art Market Berlin 2014

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“Dexterity : from Latin dexteritās,

1. Skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of the hands; adroitness.
2. Mental skill or adroitness; cleverness."

“SIGNS OF DEXTERITY” art market is a gathering of international creators
focused on qualitative limited edition printed artworks originals, paintings, illustrations, photography and collage.

From the 3rd to the 5th October 2014, a large amount of artists, gallerists, boutiques and general art enthusiasts will invest the 1000sqms of “Plateau Gallery”,
an amazing space situated in the 7th and 8th floor of a former Berliner Job Center.

The aim is to promote established and emerging artists, to provide them a show space, publicity and presswork in a dedicated environment.
Connecting the public and the creators.

What will i find at "Signs Of Dexterity"?
More than 50 artists, collectives and galleries presenting limited, reproduced and original artworks .