Shipei Wang

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Shipei Wang is a visual artist based between Glasgow (UK) and Beijing. her multicultural upbringing informs her work and research, having grown up in China, Canada, Germany, Sweden, South Korea and the UK. Shipei uses symbolic and imagined subject matters to highlight the tenderness of sexuality, relationships and fragility of organic bodies. Her eerie and poetic imageries are odes to the gentleness and complexity of existence. Shipei's practice stretches across material translations between painting, screen printing and 3D rendering. One of her specialty is Habotai silk painting. By applying acrylic pigments carefully onto stretched silk using fine brushes, the painting surface obtains an illustrated and printed quality that engage with her printmaking and digital image-making practices.

Shipei's visual language is intrinsically rooted in feelings of amnesia and lost identities. Bold colours, fine details, and a distinctive inclination for storytelling set her works apart.

She is recipient of the RSA Stevenston's Award for a Painter of Merit, Glasgow Print Studio Award 2019 and the RSA Benno Schotz Award for the most promising work by a scottish artist under 35, among others.